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This website and all its content, including the services provided, belongs to 21 BUTTONS APP, S.L. (hereinafter, "21buttons looks", commercial name of the product and web owned by the company), with Tax number B66597444 and registered office at Avenida Diagonal 444, 4th floor, 08037 Barcelona). Registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona under Volume: 44972, Folio: 194, Sheet: B-472897, 1st Inscription. Contact email http://uk.mylooks.21buttons.com



Before using the Services proposed by 21 buttons looks you agree to read and accept the Terms & Conditions (TC).

By registering as a User, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.


The purpose of these general Terms and Conditions is to define the conditions under which 21 buttons looks makes its Website available to Users, as well as the reciprocal rights and obligations of each party within the framework of the use of the Service and its monthly Subscription payment.

By making continuous use of the Website, you acknowledge that you are fully informed and accept the provisions of the general Terms and Conditions and undertake to respect them. If you do not accept the general Terms and Conditions, you will not be able to continue the subscription process and you will not be able to use the Services offered on the Website.

These rules have been adopted in accordance with the law to guarantee the freedom of the Users, as well as a quality online service.


These General Conditions are available at any time on the Website www.uk.mylooks.21buttons.com.



21 buttons looks: It is the platform through which the user receives one box per month with a series of products selected by his favourite influencer.

TC: Terms & Conditions conformed by the present contract and which are applicable, without any restriction or limitation, to all the Services proposed by 21 buttons looks.

Services: Refers to all subscription services and other paid services, available to Users of the website.

User: Internet user over 18 years of age who has accepted the TC or under 18 years of age provided that their parent or legal guardian has accepted them on their behalf.

Subscription: The 21 buttons looks service is subject to a monthly fee.



Article 1: Purpose and formation of the contract

The Web is a destination intended solely for Users, whose purpose is to provide users with information on products offered by the company, related to the fashion and lifestyle sectors. In this Web, the User will be able to see and look up fashion and lifestyle content related to influencers.

Users who have not accepted the TC and completed the information indicated on the WEB cannot continue the registration process.


The language of this contract is English.


The contractual data, including the TC, are stored by 21 buttons app, SL.


The data that will be requested by the Web will be basic identifying data, such as name and surname, e-mail, and access password. In the case of purchases, economic data will also be requested, depending on the payment method chosen, as well as other contact data such as address and telephone number, in order to send the products.



Article 2: Conditions of Access

2.1. Requirements to be a User


To be a User of the Web and applications, it is necessary:

- To be 18 years old or older.

- To be a minor with prior authorization from a parent or legal guardian.

- To have read and accepted the TC.


The User guarantees the authenticity and veracity of the information provided and undertakes to keep it updated through its Account.


21 buttons looks does not have the technical and/or legal means to verify the accuracy of the identity of Users and is not responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of such information.


However, if there are doubts about the accuracy of the information provided by the User, or if third parties or other Users communicate information that leads to believe that there is usurpation of identity or falsehood in the information provided by a User about his identity, 21 buttons looks may:


●       Deny providing the Services to the User,

●       Ask the User for a photocopy of his national ID in effect


If the User does not send this document within 8 days, or if it is found that there has been a usurpation of identity or that false information has been provided that could cause harm to third parties, the User will be deemed to have violated the TC and his contract may be terminated in accordance with article 9 of the TC.


2.2. Subscription form and mandatory information

The following information must be compulsorily communicated by the User:

- Name and surname

- Email

- address

- Phone

- Tax number (in those cases where the User requests an invoice)

- Bank details (which will be collected and stored by the Stripe platform)



Article 3: Price of the services

3.1. Conditions for Web Users

21 buttons looks offers its users one box a month with a series of products selected by their favourite influencer.


Users can only opt for a monthly subscription (no other subscription period is currently available), whose price will be the one indicated on the Web at the time of purchase, as indicated in the following section.


3.2. Fees and payment methods

The services that have a fee will be duly indicated as such in the Web, always informing the user of the prices before proceeding to the contracting.

The prices indicated on the Web include shipping and VAT.


3.2.1 Subscription process from the Web

After providing a valid email address and a password, the user must choose the product to which they want to subscribe in order to receive their monthly box. Then, they will have to provide their credit card information - only VISA or MasterCard will be accepted – for the payment, which will be processed through Stripe, a third party payment solution (https://stripe.com/es/privacy).

Once the subscription form has been completed, the user will have to fill in an additional form where they will be asked for additional information related to their style and sizes of clothing and shoes. In the event that the user does not wish to fill in this information, the user will not be able to ask for changes in the size of the products received, seeing the options limited to (i) keeping what they have received or (ii) requesting the return of such article or articles.

The payment for the first period of the Subscription will be made on the day the User registers for the service. Subsequently, the User will be charged for each monthly renewal period on the first day of the month or, in the case of a public holiday, on the following working day, unless the Subscription is cancelled under the conditions established in article 4.2.

The user can access invoices related to his subscription, manage his subscription or update his credit card information by connecting his account 21 buttons looks through the website.


Article 4: Duration of the contract

The minimum duration of the contract is one month and its renewal is done on a monthly basis.


21 buttons looks can terminate all contracts without justifying its decision provided that the user is informed with one week's notice.


4.1 Delivery of products


Unless otherwise stated below, as soon as the user subscribes to our platform, the delivery of the box containing the products chosen by his influencer will be made, for the first time, the month following the one in which the user registered. There is no exact date for the shipment of the products. However, if the user registers on the first day of the month, he will be receiving his first box that same month.


Upon receipt of the first box, and until the user unsubscribes, he will receive a box each month, which will be sent to the address provided by the user at check out. Shipments will be made between the 15th and 20th of each month; however, the user will receive an email from our logistics distributor with a tracking number when the package leaves our warehouses. If the user is not present at the time of delivery, the logistics operator will contact the user to agree on a new delivery time.


To date, 21 buttons looks delivers only in mainland United Kingdom and Ireland. Regarding Ireland deliveries, the user will have to assume and extra delivery cost that will be indicated at check out.


4.2 Terminate or modify the monthly subscription through the website


The monthly subscription is automatically renewed unless it is cancelled from the website 24 hours before the last working day of the current month, taking effect the following month. Cancellation is carried out by sending an email to looksuk@21buttons.com, in which you must request cancellation of the service indicating your personal details.

4.3 Returns policy

If the user is not satisfied with the products received, he can return them within 14 days from receipt (either at their address or at the parcel shop). In case of return, the money for the products returned will be reimbursed, without any undue delay and in any case no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which the user informs us of his decision to return the items received. We will proceed to make such a refund using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction, but we may withhold the refund until we have received the returned goods and checked that they have arrived in good conditions.


The user will not have the right to return or will be limited when returning any of the following products:


- Swimwear: must include the hygiene sticker.

- Underwear: may not be changed or returned.       

- Accessories: must be returned in their original and complete packaging.

- Fragrances: must be returned in the same original packaging, sealed.

- Cosmetics: cannot be exchanged or returned.


The return shipping cost will be £3.9 or £3.5, depending on whether the user chooses to have his package collected at home or to drop it off at a collection point. An extra fee of £3.75 will be charged for those returns processed from Ireland. The return fees will be deducted from the quantity to be refunded to the user for the return.


21 Buttons reserves the right to refuse products that are not returned in the original condition and conditions described above, as well as in those cases where the consumer has not fully assumed the shipping costs incurred by the return, and/or have not met the deadlines indicated for the notice of termination and return of products.


In the case of a size change request, the user who does not complete the size form that is received in the user's email after completing the subscription form, cannot request the size change of the item(s) received, limiting his possibilities to the simple request for return or to keep the product or products received.


4.3.1. Return process

When the user wishes to make a return, he must first contact 21 buttons looks by sending an email to looksuk@21buttons.com in which he will indicate his first and last name and the reference number of the order. Then, 21 buttons will contact you to specify the products you wish to return, as well as the return option the user wishes to choose: pick up at home or drop off at a Hermes parcel shop (the user will have a maximum of 7 days to deposit his package at the parcel shop). In any case, 21 buttons will send you the shipping sticker that you must stick on the outside of the package.

The user must use the same box and envelope in which the items were sent and return those they do not like in perfect conditions (the return can be complete - all products are returned - or partial - only some selected items).

21 buttons looks will refund all or part of the price paid (depending on whether it is a full or partial refund), after deducting the refund fees, once the items have been received and verified that they are in the conditions mentioned above.



Article 5: Obligations and responsibilities of Users

5.1. Obligations of Users


By registering for the services, users agree to:


-Make truthful statements.

-Comply with the regulations in force and not violate public order.

-Respect intellectual or industrial property rights.

-Not diffuse the content of the communications and messages that have been sent to you through the services provided by the Company.


5.2. Responsibilities of Users


Users are solely responsible for the use of the data they consult, request or communicate on the Web.


Users agree to defend, indemnify and hold 21 Buttons harmless from any sanction, fine, indemnity, prejudice or loss resulting from any claim resulting, directly or indirectly, from the violation of legal and/or contractual obligations as well as from the violation of the TC attributable to the user.


21 Buttons does not control the external sites (web pages, forums, etc.) to which hypertext links posted by Users on the Web lead and is not responsible for their content. In this regard, users are encouraged to stop the session and inform 21 Buttons if they discover that a hypertext link directs them to an external site or source whose title or content violates the law.


The fact that 21 buttons does not expressly notify of the violation by users of the TC cannot be interpreted as a waiver on their part to express such violation in the future.



Article 6: Obligations and responsibilities of 21 buttons looks

6.1. 21 button looks obligations


21 buttons looks is committed to offering users an online service that complies with current laws.


6.2. Responsibilities for 21 buttons looks


21 buttons looks is not responsible for cases of fraud, identity theft or other criminal offences, nor for violations of the image or privacy rights of third parties committed by users via the Web or the application.


In general, 21 buttons is not responsible for the information given by users, nor for its truthfulness, authenticity or accuracy, whether given directly or by any other means of subscription.


21 buttons looks reserves the right to keep all types of content related to possible violations of the law, in particular, 21 buttons reserves the right to communicate it to the competent authorities. Similarly, it will keep the data of users who unsubscribe in accordance with the regulations in force on the protection of personal data or any applicable regulations.


21 buttons looks does not guarantee that the services will work in the event of interruption of the User's Internet access caused by jamming of the Internet network as well as for any other cause of force majeure, not attributable to 21 buttons or its providers.



Article 7: Intellectual Property

7.1. 21 buttons looks rights


Logos, graphics, photographs, images, animations, videos and texts contained in the Web, applications, computer programs, material used for communication or marketing, as well as all elements necessary for the functioning of the architecture, design, code pages, CSS pages and any other element, may not be reproduced, used or represented, on any medium and by any technical means whatsoever, without the express authorization of 21 buttons, without which appropriate legal action will be taken.


The rights of use granted by 21 buttons to Users are strictly limited to their private and personal use within the framework of the signed contract and throughout its duration. Any other use by users is strictly prohibited without the authorization of 21 buttons.


Users are strictly prohibited from modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, distributing, transmitting, exploiting for commercial purposes and/or distributing in any way whatsoever the Services, the WEB pages or the applications or the computer codes of the elements that compose them.



Article 8: Modification of the Terms and Conditions


21 buttons reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, these conditions to adapt them to legislative or jurisprudential developments as well as to changes or practices in the economy or sector. The User should periodically review these terms, conditions and policies to verify or ensure that changes have been made, taking as a reference the date of the last update. This is without prejudice to the impact of amendments to contracts already signed. It should be noted that some products offered to users may contain their own contractual terms and conditions which will, where applicable, replace, modify and/or supplement these terms and conditions, in which case their prior reading and acceptance is also necessary.



Article 9: Applicable Law

In accordance with Article 23 of Act No. 34/2002 of 11 July on information services and electronic commerce, contracts concluded by electronic means such as this one will be fully effective and are provided for by law, always this consent and other conditions of validity coincide. These conditions are available for all 21 button customers free of charge. Participation in the contract process is totally free of charge, without any additional costs, except those related to Internet access services. Subscriptions to the proposed payments are duly described on the website and applications, which will always be available to customers.


2 1 buttons considers that the contract is accepted as soon as the user presses the "Accept" or "Subscribe" button, with the inclusion of all requested data during the subscription process implying the final acceptance of these conditions and a clear and direct manifestation of the customer's willingness to accept these conditions. This electronic document will be accessible to the user via the link provided in the confirmation email, which can be printed.



Article 10: Competent jurisdiction

Any controversy relating to the TC will be submitted to the courts of Barcelona.



Article 11: Partial nullity

If a provision of the TCs is declared null and void or invalid by application of a law or regulation, or by a competent authority, the aforementioned provision or clause shall be deemed not to have been implemented, with the contract being fully in force between the parties with respect to the other clauses. The remainder of the contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the contractual will expressed by the parties in this document.



Article 12: Special conditions for gift cards

12.1 The 21 buttons virtual gift card is only valid in the United Kingdom for the purchase of any product of 21 boots looks UK.


12.2 The card can be paid for through one of the payment methods accepted on our website, but it can under no circumstances be paid for with another gift card.


12.3 The return period for the card that has not been used will be 30 calendar days from the date of purchase. The amount paid by the card will be refunded according to the same payment method as the one in which it was paid.


12.4 The card can be used as many times as you wish until your balance is used up. The balance will be available in your personal section of our website at uk.mylooks.21buttons.com


12.5 Products purchased with gift cards are subject to the terms and conditions of purchase of the website uk.mylooks.21buttons.com.


12.6 In the event of product returns, the refund of the amount of products purchased with the gift card will be made by increasing the balance available on the card.



Article 13. Discounts

21 buttons can offer temporary discounts or special promotions. These discounts will be announced on the website or through marketing notifications. Discounts cannot be cumulative.