Why is it a subscription?

Because, this way, every month you will be able to enjoy new products selected by our influencers according to their personal style. It is the best way to discover new trends and keep up with what your favorite influencers wear.

How does 21 Buttons Looks work?

21 Buttons Looks gives you the possibility to receive the style of your favourite influencer at your home with a monthly subscription. 

  • Each influencer will choose 3 to 5 products valued between £65 and £85 that you will be able to get for only £49.
  • FOLLOW INSTAGRAM CLOSELY! Each influencer will be revealing one of her favourite products in her suprise box!
  • Shipping is included in the price.
  • Your Looks will arrive between the 15th and 25th of each month!
How many products will I receive?

In every 21 Buttons Looks box, there will always be 3 to 5 products valued between £65 to £85.

What products will I find in the box?

The products will be a selection of essentials according to our influencers. You will be receiving for instance, anything from the lipstick that is the key to her looks, to her favourite accessory of the season!

How do I introduce my sizes?

Once the suscription is done, you will receive a confirmation email with a form where you can enter all your sizes.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Even if it will hurt us to see you go, yes you can cancel your subscription before the 15th of each month. The cancellation will be effective from the following month.